Hofkellerei des Fuersten von Liechtenstein

It's a winery of Principality Liechtenstein. The winery has two major wine fields. One is in Vaduz, the other is in Karlsberg near Vienna, Austria. Prince of Liechtenstein has a land still in Austria and Hungary because the house of Liechtenstein was senior statesmen of Hapsburg. Vaduz wine is similar to Swiss wine, Karlsberg wine is similar to Austrian wine. The winery grows Merlot which is from France in Karlsberg. Karlsberg makes excellent wine. You must go to the winery if you want to have good Liechtenstein wine, because they sell good wine only at Hofkellerei.



Rheine river is the natural border between Lichtenstein and Switzerland. There is no check gate at the border. Balzers is the one of major towns in Lichtenstein. There is a very beautiful castle. Lichtenstein is a very beautiful country surrounded by mountains.


After a long time Lavaux

The first time in four months though. Grapes are growing in abundance. The harvest season is coming soon. Lavaux wines that I come here and want to drink.


Jungfrau marathon 2012, Interlaken - Kleine Scheidegg

I came across the Jungfrau Marathon in Kleine Scheidegg yesterday. Kleine scheidegg is a tourist attraction, so it's always crowded with people in summer, but it was revelry in the marathon moreover.


The marathon starts at Interlaken (566m) and runs 42.195 kilometers to Kleine Scheidegg (2100m) through the highest point Eigergretscher (2205m). There is 1639m altitude difference.
Usually marathon has heart-breaking hill, but this marathon course is entire heart-breaking. I wonder if there would be participants for such hard marathon, but surprisingly it was fully booked!

September 7-9, 2012

View of Schynige Platte, Berneralps, Thunersee

I took a trip for Schynige Platte and Cleine Schydegg where are in the reagon of Berner Oberland yesterday. Very beautiful. I took those photoes there.


Twilight express runs in Honshu

Twilight Express runs by an electric locomotive in Honshu. It runs through rice and wheat fields in Japan Sea side of Honshu. Honshu is the largest island in Japan.
Farmer's houses are like islands in a sea of rice fields. The name of Twilight express dining car has been given from Greek mythology. Its name is Pleiades.

By the way I'm in Switzerland now. www