Snowing this morning in Kiryu

It was snowing when I woke up. My city doesn't have snowing so often but this year would be exceptional. Many cars don't have snow tires. They make traffic jam.


Watarase river

Watarase river that flows through the Kiryu city where I live. I go a jogging or walking on the river banks. You can see the beautiful Mt. Akagi from the riverside in Kiryu. Watarase river weaves other beautiful sceneries too.


Sea of Indian summer

Flowing clouds tell the time.
Every thing will past and you are alone.
Rip orange, the pendulum of a clock.
Sways once a year. Remainds me past.
All pale memories.
Seagulls bathed in the smile of the sun.
Fly to tomorrow without me.
I'm staying now. Looking for something.
Something I won't get.


Wine party

I made a wine party at my restaurant Simon yesterday.
I opened Chateau Lator. It was great wine. Foods were also good with wine. It was nice evening.


Cafe au lait daifuku and strowbelly

My favorite sweets. It goes well with strawberry, also with coffee. Yammmy.


A Happy New Year 2013

Best wishes fot the new year.
I'm in Nagano now. I saw very beautiful mt. Fuji in the way to here.