Leave Hokkaido

Twilight Express is running in the Hokkaido by two-car diesel locomotive. To enter Honshu, Japanese main island, from Hokkaido, the train passes through the Seikan Tunnel. Seikan Tunnel is the longest tunnel in the world today. However, the future will be overtaken by the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland. It is illuminated green light in the center of the Seikan Tunnel. From right here, leave hokkaido.


Twilight Express, luxury train

Twilight express is Luxury sleeper train ride from Sapporo to Osaka
It is also the longest distance running train in Japan. I took a private room for one person.


Ikeda winery, Hokkaido

The building of Ikeda winery is called as Ikeda Wine Castle, because it looks like European castle. Ikeda winery is very big. It would be one of the biggest winery in Japan. They produce mostly fresh and fruity wine. They have white, rose, red and sparkling wine. Varieties of grapes are original from Hokkaido. They are planting vines resistant to extreme cold in winter. Usually it reaches -20C ~ -25C. Normal vines cannot survive in such cold temperature.


Had Bento, luch box, at Hosooka observatory, Kushiro, Hokkaido

Look!, gorgeous Nori-Bento lunch box.
I ate this at very beautiful observatory of Kushiro marchland.
The taste got three times better.
Bento, lunch box, is proud of Japanese cuisine.


Kushiro Marshland, Hokkaido

Japan's largest marshland
Very spacious and beautiful.


Local trains in Hokkaido

Local trains in Hokkaido are mainly diesel. Electric trains run only in Sapporo area. If you go to the countryside, a train will be one car. The photo shows the train which has number 777. Good luck! There was also a train Lupin the third. Lupin the third is very popular animation in Japan.


My summer vacation

I took a summer vacation in Manazuru for a week. My familly has the second house in Manazuru.
There was no internet access in the house of Manazuru so I couldn't drop any topics to my blog. Anyway, I enjoyed staying there. I went diving there because Manazuru is one of good diving spots. The view of underwater is fantastic.

Furano, Hookaido

Furano is the next town to Biei. Furano is also beautiful town with Taisetsu moutains view. I just walked around Furano station. Those photos are from a train. Furano has hilly area and flat area. You can see a rice field there. There is Furano winery on the hill of Furano. It produces good wine by Europe origin grapes.


Biei, Hokkaido 3

I think landscape of Biei is unique in Japan.
If you're there, you'd forget that here is in Japan.
At least, forget that it is an island country.


Taisetsu mountains, Hokkaido

Daisetsu Mountains is the highest mountains in Hokkaido. They are often hidden in the fog, so it is difficult to see these prospects in summer season.


Bei and Taisetsu mountains, Hokkaido

There are beautiful covered by snow Taisetsu mountains behind Biei.


Hills, Biei, Hokkaido 2

Those pictures are in May. You can see waving ground clearly.


Hills in Biei, Hokkaido

Biei hills are wavy. It seems as if I was a ship in the ocean. The green ripples hit the woods.