What "Skun Cabbage"!

If you take a dictionary for "Mizubasho", the word would be "Skunk Cabbage" in English. But "mizu" means "water" and "basho" means "Japanese fiber banana". If you try to translate this directory, it would be "Japanese water fiber banana". That name is much better than Skunk Cabbage!

Mizubasho is a pure white tiny pretty flower. It grows only from east Japan to Hokkaido. The flower season is in May. If you want see this beautiful flower, you have to come to Japan in May. No other countries except Sakhalin.

How come such a white beautiful flower's name is Skunk Cabbage!? The flower is not like Skunk and not like Cabbage either. Never! According to the dictionary, America has an also similar flower. The flower is yellowish and stinky like Skunk. Ohoh. That's why they say it Skunk Cabbage. But Japanese is totally different from American!

If you dare to defend American, it would be good smell like heaven for insects, especially such as fly.

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