I’m in Japan now.  I’ll be back to Switzerland on August 30th, but I will work in Japan from October again.  I will have to manage the restaurant “Simon, Kiryu”.  I will shuttle Japan and Switzerland.  I went to Hokkaido in May.  I met many my friends and visited many beautiful places.  I took a lot of photos because photograph is one of my hobbies.  I want to show those photos on my blog.

I took Hayabusa super express to Aomori, then Super Hakucho to Hakodate and Hokuto to Sapporo.  I left Kiryu at 6 AM then arrived at Sapporo at 5:30 PM.  It was very long trip.  It would be same time as the fright from Narita, Japan to Zurich, Switzerland.  I could see ocean while the train run around Hakodate. Hokkaido is beautiful!

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