Horonobe, raindeer

In a way to Wakkanai, the express stopped at Horonobe.  I saw a very interesting guide board.  Horonobe is; the middle of the Northern Hemisphere, town at 45 degrees north latitude, village of reindeer, in addition, cattle seems.  Reindeer in Japan, I didn’t know that. So the landscape from Horonobe to Wakkanai looked somehow in Finland. (But I’ve never been Finland. w)

The train arrived at Wakkanai around 1PM.  It took 5 hours from Sapporo.  Hokkaido is big!
Wakkanai Station is the northernmost station in Japan. It’s located at 45 degrees 25 minutes 3 seconds north latitude.

By the way Chiasso which is southernmost town in Switzerland is located at 45 degrees 50 minutes.  Switzerland is completely located in the north than Japan.

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